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When you go to your first concert, you have chills the entire time. The more and more shows you go to, the less that seems to happen. Not that the quality of music or performance has decreased, just that when music and work become so closely interwoven it becomes hard to step back and just […]

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November 2011 Mixtape

Once November hits, every one enters an end of year stupor. The short work week before Thanksgiving suddenly becomes the longest three days of the year as you allow your mind to shut down and focus on some good time off. This attitude will likely continue until January 1, 2012, so at the very least, […]

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Waters – “Mickey Mantle”

I can’t say I’m the biggest sports fan.  But I absolutely love going to a baseball game.  To be honest, it’s not that my eyes are fixed on the field, or I bleed the colors of my favorite team.  But there really is something so American about the sport – about sitting in the cheap […]

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