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Twin Sister – “Kimmi In A Rice Field” (REID Remix)

Twin Sister’s “Kimmi In A Rice Field” would have caused the usual echo chamber effect in the music blog circuit because of its horrific, eerie music video alone. 22 year-old, Irish producer Eoghan Reid creates a whole new seemingly supernatural experience for the song, and this time, no oddball visualizations are needed to suck you […]

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Guest Mix- Superhumanoids- Summer Mix: 2

Superhumanoids- Summer Mix:2 (Quit Mumbling Guest Mix) (2011)

Los Angeles’s Superhumanoids have already been very giving to Quit Mumbling, and for that, we are thankful. Today, they’ve handed over a new mixtape for us to premier. Here’s Summer Mix: 2, the second half of a two part music series for partying under the sun. I’d go ahead and hype up the amazing tracklist […]

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Twin Sister – “Lady Daydream”

This lazy, hazy ditty from Brooklyn’s Twin Sister unfolds like a roll of overexposed film one late afternoon. The track is off their 2010 release Color Your Life, and practically comes attached to those sun-drenched curtains. The band will be featured in this week’s Mondrian Sessions at Skybar in Hollywood.

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