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Halloween in LA, 2011 (Fatboy Slim, The Stepkids, The Soft Moon, The Field, Air France)

Halloween weekend always becomes one of the most eventful times of the year. The only thing harder than deciding on a costume is figuring out where to wear it. Outside of the haunted parties we will probably end up at, we will still be hitting the music scene. Here’s our Halloween concert schedule. Hopefully, you […]

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September Mixtape

Well, you did it.  You made it through September.  In a way, you made it through the “Monday” of the year.  You’ve recovered from your 3 month break, and now are officially back into the swing of things.  But, hey- at least you had one hell of a batch of tunes to help get you […]

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The Soft Moon- “Total Decay”

The Soft Moon- Total Decay (2011)

The title “Total Decay” would be fitting for most tracks created by the haunted mind of Bay Area musician and producer Luis Vasquez. As The Soft Moon, he released one of 2010’s best and darkest records, in which every song is fueled by  enough twisted paranoia that it is ready to burst into a black […]

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The Soft Moon- The Soft Moon

The Soft Moon- The Soft Moon, 2010

Even for this time of year, the L.A. forecast has not been up to its usual high spirits. So, if you are tired of the normal, feel good Indie music everyone posts, then look no further. The Soft Moon is singer/songwriter Luis Vasquez’s creepy vision of a post apocalyptic world. Each of the self-titled debut’s […]

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