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Dead and Lovely // A Halloween Mixtape

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright It’s our town, everybody scream In this town of Halloween -Jack Skeleton Enjoy our batch of tunes ranging from the dark and eerie, to the strange and scary.  Have a great Halloween weekend!

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Classics // The Cure – “The Lovecats”

The Cure inadvertently helped create the post-millennial model for emo, but there was always a playfulness beneath all the nihilism (sometimes buried deeper than others), creating this sort of giddy misery. A deliberate departure from the gloomy sound they became known for, leave it to Robert Smith to pen a pop song about a lovers’ […]

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Video: Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith- “Not In Love”

Official video directed by Video Marsh.


Crystal Castles ft Robert Smith- “Not In Love”

Robert Smith 2010 Crystal Castles Platinum Blonde Cover

In 1984, Canadian New Wave group Platinum Blonde released the catchy glam rock anthem “Not In Love.”  This year, Crystal Castes took on the song for their magnificent second album, digitizing it appropriately.  Their rendition seemed good enough, providing the record with a strong highlight near the end.  Still, if you have the opportunity to […]

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Music4Movies 001: Adventureland

Falling in love in the 1980s.  Something that none of us here at Quit Mumbling can relate to.  The 1980s part at least. Something we can relate to is those special moments in film when a scene fits together ever so perfectly with the right song. In these instances, the director or often a music […]

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