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When you go to your first concert, you have chills the entire time. The more and more shows you go to, the less that seems to happen. Not that the quality of music or performance has decreased, just that when music and work become so closely interwoven it becomes hard to step back and just […]

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QMtv // Avi Buffalo

On the walls of Avi’s studio live his heroes.  Much like a kid puts up posters of this season’s home run leader, or a scantily clad Mrs. September- Avi has his influences pasted to the worn-in garage walls.  On one wall, you have Neil Young, perhaps Avi’s most obvious comparison.  Across from that, the booklet […]

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QMtv // Jenny O

The back porch of The Bootleg Theater isn’t much different than my porch in Ohio. Made of aged wood, scuffled and distressed from the soles of shoes that have gathered on it in the past. It feels broken in like your favorite TV chair. On this particular Monday night, the atmosphere of the porch seemed […]

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QMtv // Air Waves

Air Waves - Quit Mumbling TV, QMtv -

Today, we are stoked to give you the first installment of our new video series Quit Mumbling TV.  With close to 600 posts now under our belts, we’ve covered a lot of bands that we love. Now, with QMtv, we have the opportunity to work with them and provide you with some fresh new content.  […]

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