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Princeton – “Florida”

Florida has been in the news a lot lately, with talk of how it’s really a lot like California. The memories I have are of The Sunshine State involve baseball tournaments, Denny’s, and losing to my brothers in mini-golf, but from what I gather, they have nice weather.  All the more reason early lyric “I hate […]

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Princeton – “Remembrance Of Things To Come”

The title “Remembrance Of Things To Come” seems in and of itself a contradiction.  However, listening to the title track off Princeton‘s upcoming full length, the somewhat confusing title makes sense.  The track begins with a buoyant keyboard riff that would seemingly set the mood for a lazy day of lying in the sand.  The layers of […]

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Hit City U.S.A. Holiday Sale

As one year draws to a close, and another waits just around the corner- it’s important to look back on all that we have accomplished.  If LA based label, Hit City U.S.A., follows such a tradition, than they have quite a bit to be proud of this year.  Their records found a near permanent home on our […]

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Kisses – “Johnny and Mary” (Robert Palmer cover)

To prep for their second LP, Kisses (half of Princeton and his significant other) offer up their own rendition of the 80’s classic “Johnny and Mary”.  The duo slows down the original, making it seem less like “Johnny AND Mary” and more like “Johnny Misses Mary”.  The melancholy is wonderfully welcome, especially when fitting moods […]

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August Mixtape

But this summer was so much different… August is always the month to look back and analyze what should have been the 3 best months of the year.  But we’re older now, trips to the beach are less frequent and time by the pool diminishing.  But this was another summer to be remembered by the […]

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Sleeping Bags – “Park”

There is a bar on the East side of Los Angeles called The Shortstop.  A homey, dimly-lit watering hole who’s highlight would be the mid-sized dance floor.  On any given Saturday, you’ll find the space crammed with patrons spinning to 80’s tunes as a disco ball scatters light amongst the crowd.  It’s here, probably just […]

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Guest Mix- Superhumanoids- Summer Mix: 2

Superhumanoids- Summer Mix:2 (Quit Mumbling Guest Mix) (2011)

Los Angeles’s Superhumanoids have already been very giving to Quit Mumbling, and for that, we are thankful. Today, they’ve handed over a new mixtape for us to premier. Here’s Summer Mix: 2, the second half of a two part music series for partying under the sun. I’d go ahead and hype up the amazing tracklist […]

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Princeton – “Clamoring For Your Heart”

Princeton, the LA born and bred band, have been around and kicking for the past few years, cranking out some pleasant but fairly standard indie pop, steeped in strings and vibes and soft guitars (think of the left coast spawns of Vampire Weekend-ish indie pop). Their recent 7-inch release (the single, To The Alps, via […]

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Princeton- “To The Alps”


Los Angele’s Princeton seemed to take a break in 2010 following their 2009 debut while twin brothers Jesse and Matt Kivel explored other opportunities.  First, Jesse found success with the Indie blog hit Kisses. Second, Matt teamed up with Warpaint’s Julia Bembenek and drummer Stella Mozgawa for Mystery Claws.  Oh ya, and they also spent […]

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