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Porcelain Raft – Strange Weekend

  After the excitement and commotion in the newness of the year passes, it’s a dreaded few weeks of purgatory; a period of reconciling the lingering effects of the year barely passed with the swirling sweet nothings from the year to come, as you wait for it to finally take off one way or the […]

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November 2011 Mixtape

Once November hits, every one enters an end of year stupor. The short work week before Thanksgiving suddenly becomes the longest three days of the year as you allow your mind to shut down and focus on some good time off. This attitude will likely continue until January 1, 2012, so at the very least, […]

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Porcelain Raft – “Put Me To Sleep”

Porcelain Raft is the Italian-born, Brooklyn-based Mauro Rimmidi, whose new single “Put Me To Sleep” is a piece of energizing dreampop that captures the romance in the idea that this will soon all be over; that we are all moving beings along the conveyor belt of Earth and every moment is fleeting, so it’s best […]

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