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Mosca – “Jager”

Mosca has all the Night Slugs credentials but like Blawan, he has falling prey to the techno allure.  The intensity on this track strips away any of the UK garage heritage that Mosca had once exhibited.  And puts the bass in a boom room that techno masters from Underground Resistance to Shed would be pleased […]

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Pearson Sound vs Rod Lee – Working With Refix

Pearson Sound Dirty Slugs

Here’s more Night Slugs disgustingness on this bootleg white label from Ramadanman of the minute . It’s Miami Bass produced on a digital audio workstation, edited to mix into broken, house funky sets. This is a real Friday night party starter (I think we should have a Friday Night Party Starter in addition to Sunday […]

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Endgames – “Ecstasy (Jam City Refix)”

Jam City make jams. Ecstasy’s synth stabs and unpredictable progressions are a joy to listen to. The melodic timbre and sporadic conga hits meld the rhythm into a natural crescendo, which also comes with belated slabs of bass echoing grime. This is modern electronic dance music that is unclassifiable, I think things are better that […]

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