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Video: DARKSIDE – “A1”

The opener of DARKSIDE’s wonderful EP got a video this week that looks like what your weird friends think they’re doing when they go out to the desert. It follows three apocalyptic monks on a quest to find things that shine in a way that works well with Nicolas Jaar’s eerily propellant and open “A1” […]


Shlohmo – “Rained The Whole Time” (Nicolas Jaar)

Shlohmo -

At this point, anything Nicolas Jaar touches will turn to gold for us. The young producer is quickly climbing to the top of our favorites in electronic music with a quickly growing catalog of 100% quality music. The latest addition: a remix of Shlohmo’s “Rained The Whole Time.” Jaar scraps the instant glitch of the […]

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Surfacing: Gabriel Bruce – “Sleep Paralysis”

Falling under the spell of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, and Nicolas Jaar as of late should lead one to the obvious conclusion of how much I am digging Gabriel Bruce’s single “Sleep Paralysis”.  Like each of the aforementioned artists, Bruce is a bass-heavy crooner that falls somewhere between overly dramatic and just plain evil.  “Sleep […]

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Nicolas Jaar – “And I Say” (feat. Scout Larue and Will Epstein)

Half of me wants to tell Nico to take a break.  With an album (Space Is Only Noise), single release (“Don’t Break My Love”), an EP with his side-project Darkside, and countless shows, it’s clear the guy is working his ass off and deserves a little R&R.  The other half of me wants him to […]

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Top 10 Mixes of 2011

We probably don’t post enough mixes on Quit Mumbling. Electronic music’s best artists put together the ultimate playlist for your drives, nights out, or time spent at home. Here our 10 of our favorite mixes from 2011. 10 Four Tet – Beats in Space #587 Pt. 1 – 08/23 Four Tet – Beats in Space […]

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The Best 50 Albums of 2011

Quit Mumbling's Best Albums of 2011

The best albums are much more than a collection of stand out songs. Like anything successful, a great album finds multiple parts coming together as one; accomplishing moods, textures, and developments not possible by any one singular piece. The best albums force you to take a step back, to not only look at each moment […]

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The 100 Best Songs of 2011 (50-1)

Quit Mumbling's Best Songs of 2011 (50-1)

Sure, a top songs list can never not be subjective, but these selections meant the most to us over the year of 2011. The following tracks brought every minute of joy to a new high, and every moment of heartache a bit of solace. These are the songs that kept us writing throughout the year, […]

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The Staff Picks of 2011

You should have seen the deliberation room after we finished the lists.  Papers scattered across the floor, blood and coffee stains on the carpet, I think at one point Kenny threw his laptop at Stuart (it just barely missed).  But it makes sense, because each one of us are so passionate about the music we […]

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Nicolas Jaar released one of 2011’s most promising albums at the ripe age of twenty-one, a university student born just at the start of the musically in vogue 90s. Now, respect your elders, but it is always inspiring to see someone younger than you accomplish success in their field you’ve only fathomed. If processed the […]

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