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Video: Feist – “Bittersweet Melodies”

As much as you can debate the effects of digital photography on the medium, there will always be something intoxicating about a photograph. A literal snapshot of your former self on a day that now exists only in memory is a potent catalyst for the rush of recollections transported through time. In Feist’s new video […]


Feist – “Pine Moon” (Metals Bonus Track)

We posted our review of Feist’s new album last week, and here is bonus track “Pine Moon” that didn’t make the final cut of Metals. The song has an undertone of delicious resentment that fits in better as an addendum to the enlightened album. Check it out below and be sure to give one of […]

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Feist – Metals

A lot has happened to Leslie Feist in the four years since she released The Reminder in 2007. High-profile Apple ads and numerous soundtrack features quickly brought her music to a much wider audience in a relatively short amount of time, all while the Canadian songstress has kept a mostly low-profile herself. In fact, today’s […]

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Feist – “How Come You Never Go There”

Leslie Feist, we’ve missed you and your ability to make solitude sound so bright, like a quiet morning you got all to yourself. Most of it’s due to the fact that everything she does seeps an exciting ease of musicality, and the first track released from her upcoming album Metals is not so much a […]

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