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Mad Planet – Ghost Notes

If you’re one of the many children of the 21st century who have completely emasculated their attention spans and now find themselves incapable of dedicating more than thirty seconds to reading a review and digesting an idea, let me break down Mad Planet’s debut LP Ghost Notes in as simple of terms as I can. The band sounds […]

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King – “Hey”

Our elders like to always tell us about “the good ol’ days,” when things were simpler, love was less tawdry, and the world less corrupt. And while I think this is mostly a human construct made from rose-colored nostalgia for youth, there are certain days I’m not so sure. Though more socially backward, there was […]

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Bear Attack – Shapes EP

As a music writer, the first instinct is to compare a surfacing artist to a band with an already established sound. When listening to Bear Attack’s EP Shine, I am faced with the difficulty of trying to find any kind of accurate comparison. The synths and drumbeat on opening track “Mother” are reminiscent of post-OK Computer Radiohead; […]

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Rhye – “3 Days”

As much as I’ve enjoyed my personal Bill Callahan March Marathon, it’s the weekend, and this LA weather is getting out of hand. When the forecast perks up like this, so too does its accompanying soundtrack. Rhye’s debut EP Open is intimately bouncy in a way that soothes itself inside not just your head but your […]

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Video: Rhye – “Open”

We posted “Open,” the audio lovenote from Los Angeles duo Rhye a couple weeks ago, and they’ve now released a video for the intimate track featuring lots of people having sex. Would warn of its NSFW content, but it’s Saturday, so just watch the damn video. Having said that, the top comment on YouTube is […]


Rhye – “Open”

The mysterious Los Angeles-based duo Rhye released their EP Open last week, and the title track will sink itself just inside the cavity of your chest. There is an earnestness to the hushed vocal that reveals both newfound attachment and longing affection. Its bedsheet intimacy is paired with amazingly plain, yet candid sweet nothings like […]

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Devenwho – Awnaw (Nappy Roots)

In our increasingly fragmented world, the splicing of once distant aesthetics has become commonplace.  Freedom from geographic restricitons has given modern artists an audience and a chance to break free from the conventions of the 20st century – we now all live with its strange consequences. The Pop Massacre 2 compilation was released on the […]

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Thurz – Los Angeles

FINALLY, its here. The debut solo record LA Riot from Thurz, formerly of Los Angeles rap group U-N-I, has been much hyped and highly anticipated all summer, preceded by an eye-catching array of video teasers featuring tracks from the record, as well as various co-signs from prominent Los Angeles musicians (Flying Lotus) and nationally prominent […]

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YACHT – “Shangri-La”

It’s easy to become jaded here in a city with endless sunlight, rooftop pools, and farmers markets, usually all along the same street. It’s even easier sometimes though to become “over” LA, with its traffic and its bullshit, the whirlpool and its noise. But there’s definitely more to this city than either exaggerated extremes – […]

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