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PESO // A QM Mixtape

The third quarter of the year saw the release of some epic mainstream rap albums (Watch the Throne, Tha Carter IV), the return of otherwise absent rappers (Writing on the Wall 2) and the culmination of internet buzz into real buzz for some QM favorites (ASAP Rocky will be joining Drake and Kendrick Lamar on […]

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Lil B is Awesome

Lil B is not funny. I repeat, NOT FUNNY. He’s actually good. True, he can only rhyme on occasion and really the only way to describe his sense of rhythm is “decidedly fucked-up,” but you can’t help rooting for him. If you wanna criticize Lil B for valuing quantity over quality (exhibit A: “writing” and […]

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Lil B’s Ambient Rap Album

It’s not often that you come across a radically experimental hip hop artist. Recently, a few albums have tried new things (Hell Hath No Fury, Sir Lucious Leftfoot), but nothing comes close to Lil B’s Rain In England. For the whole album, the Berkeley rapper rhymes over pure ambient backing tracks rather than beats. I […]

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Gucci Mane ft Lil B- “Break Yourself” (Diplo Remix)

Diplo Presents Gucci Mane Best of the Cold War Mixtapes Lil B 2010 Mad Decent

Putting some tough flows from the Atlanta based Gucci Mane over another hot Diplo production can only wield beyond good results.  Find this starry eyed remix to Gucci Mane’s “Break Yourself” on the “Diplo Presents Free Gucci” mixtape, which was released back in January.

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