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The Best 50 Albums of 2011

Quit Mumbling's Best Albums of 2011

The best albums are much more than a collection of stand out songs. Like anything successful, a great album finds multiple parts coming together as one; accomplishing moods, textures, and developments not possible by any one singular piece. The best albums force you to take a step back, to not only look at each moment […]

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The 100 Best Songs of 2011 (50-1)

Quit Mumbling's Best Songs of 2011 (50-1)

Sure, a top songs list can never not be subjective, but these selections meant the most to us over the year of 2011. The following tracks brought every minute of joy to a new high, and every moment of heartache a bit of solace. These are the songs that kept us writing throughout the year, […]

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The 100 Best Songs of 2011 (100-51)

2011 started a new decade with a bang. The year saw tragedies strike major populations, dictators overthrown, “occupy” redefined, and the casually pepper spray everything cop. As far as music goes, a lot happened too – pop became even more influenced by electronic, helping Adele sound that much better than her Top 40 contemporaries. Dubstep […]

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The Staff Picks of 2011

You should have seen the deliberation room after we finished the lists.  Papers scattered across the floor, blood and coffee stains on the carpet, I think at one point Kenny threw his laptop at Stuart (it just barely missed).  But it makes sense, because each one of us are so passionate about the music we […]

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September Mixtape

Well, you did it.  You made it through September.  In a way, you made it through the “Monday” of the year.  You’ve recovered from your 3 month break, and now are officially back into the swing of things.  But, hey- at least you had one hell of a batch of tunes to help get you […]

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A Mixtape Created by North Highlands

Quit Mumbling Presents // A Mixtape By North Highlands

Last Sunday, we gave you a sneak peak at North Highlands’ upcoming debut Wild One, which is due out October 18th. Judging by the sound of their lead single “Benefits,” you may expect their tastes to hover in between Indie pop and folk. That would be a misguided notion, so we had the New York […]

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Kurt Vile- “The Creature”

Kurt Vile-

2011 will be rolling into 2012 before you know it, and once QM starts shouting out their favorite albums and songs of the year, you can expect Kurt Vile to definitely make more than one appearance. Luckily for us, Smoke Ring for My Halo will not be the last time we hear from him this year. […]

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Kurt Vile – “In/Out Blues”

After seeing both Kurt Vile and Woods on their most recent tours, I will continue to kick myself for not scrapping up the cash to pick up their joint 7” (seriously, what was I thinking?).  To appease if only the smallest bit of frustration, our friends over at Disco Naivete were kind enough to give […]

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The War On Drugs – “Baby Missiles”

First hearing tracks from Slave Ambient, the new album from Philadelphia’s The War On Drugs, was as equally breathtaking as it was frustrating.  Breathtaking, because my God does this band know how to take just enough Springsteen, combine it with welcoming feedback and filled out instrumentation, and end up with an epic rock song.  And […]