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Juk Juk – “Unwrap”

Our first foray into Juk Juk was “Winter Turn Spring”, a mystically pristine track (off Four Tet‘s Text label) that built up into one of the deepest bass lines we heard in 2011.  His newest release “Unwrap” carries with it a similar sun-amidst-snow vibe, much credit due to the fact “Holocene” is diced up to fit between the […]

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September Mixtape

Well, you did it.  You made it through September.  In a way, you made it through the “Monday” of the year.  You’ve recovered from your 3 month break, and now are officially back into the swing of things.  But, hey- at least you had one hell of a batch of tunes to help get you […]

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Juk Juk – “Winter Turned Spring”

Juk Juk’s “Winter Turned Spring” is probably exactly what you need on the Tuesday following a weekend full of daytime drinks and nights carried by a second wind.  The London based electronic artist looks to release the new single on Four Tet’s Text label, a fit that should come with little surprise as “Winter Turned […]

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