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PAPA – “I Am The Lion King” (St. Lucia Remix)

As the weekend draws nearer, we couldn’t be more excited for our show tomorrow (1/21) with PAPA, Cillie Barnes, and Les Sands.  Upon checking the ole inbox this morning, I thanked the gods of serendipity for dropping this little gem into my arms to prepare for what is sure to be an amazing night.  Turns […]

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QMtv // PAPA

PAPA crept up on us like the best kind of addiction.  Upon first listen it’s easy to become infatuated with their breezy  hook-laden sunshine pop, but listen closer and you can tell there is much more to this batch of tunes.  Each song is perfectly crafted with intricate guitar lines, held down by a steady […]

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Video: PAPA – “I Am The Lion King”

PAPA’s newly released EP A Good Woman Is Hard To Find is quickly becoming my strongest addiction.  It’s a collection of songs that successfully combines a feel good vibe and insane catchiness all knotted together with impeccable song-writing and arrangements.  The trio just debuted their video for the single “I Am The Lion King” holding close […]


PAPA – “I Am The Lion King”

LA natives, PAPA have titled their newest EP A Good Woman Is Hard To Find; a fact that most us could adequately agree upon.  The same could be said about a good pop song.  However, if PAPA has as much success with woman as they do with writing open air freeway pop, than let me […]

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