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Video: Hot Chip – “Flutes”

Video: Hot Chip -

Hot Chip went for the popular extended mixes of their favorite 80s hits with “Flutes.” To do so, they called on the long, forever building club mentality that made classics like “Bizarre Love Triangle” so eternally appealing. The result comes from left field, especially when considering the constant playfulness behind 2010’s One Life Stand. Let […]


Friday Night: New Build – “Medication” / “Do You Not Feel Loved”

Having LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip in your pedigree is one hell of an ancestry, but quite the legacy to live up to.  Despite the latter family tree, New Build have definitely stepped up to the plate with their debut release Yesterday Was Live… As one would expect, the band rules with all things disco- fat […]

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Shit Robot – “Losing My Patience” (Hot Chip Remix)

Shit Robot-

Shit Robot’s new single “Losing My Patience” features Hot Chip singer Alexis Taylor lamenting about his dreaded relationship struggles. The original is already awesome enough, but Taylor’s band mates took it upon themselves to create their own mix for the track. We pretty much have a brand, spanking new Hot Chip song on our hands. […]

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Hot Chip – “So Glad To See You”

Hot Chip gets a lot of flak for being overrated. I’ve heard my share, and hell, we’re even split here at QM. Sure, on stage they are a bunch of awkward guys moving around a little bit, but on record, they’re an electronic band with soul that is at times pure insanity, and others, when […]

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Hot Chip- “Take It In”

I’ve become a fan of every bit of material Hot Chip has put out, and my appreciation for them increases with every release.  One Life Stand has proven to be no exception to the rule.  The latest album has become my favorite, filled with stand out tracks from start to finish.  You’ve hopefully heard the […]

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