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Video: Willie Evans Jr. – Introducin’

On single “Introducin’” rappin’ ass rapper Willie Evans Jr. spits with a nasally flow that’s parts MF DOOM, parts Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire; punctuated by an added sense of urgency. He’s stylistically not a far cry from a Freddie Gibbs-ian interpretation of those non-sequitur laced raps of DOOM — all wordplay and precise flow drenched in […]


November 2011 Mixtape

Once November hits, every one enters an end of year stupor. The short work week before Thanksgiving suddenly becomes the longest three days of the year as you allow your mind to shut down and focus on some good time off. This attitude will likely continue until January 1, 2012, so at the very least, […]

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DOOM, Thom Yorke, & Jonny Greenwood- “Retarded Fren”

Between Radiohead bandmates Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood, a lot has been accomplished outside their band’s now legendary eight album catalog. Yorke’s constant activity has been well documented here, ranging from his several collaborations with dubstep and experimental electronic artists all the way to his random visitations to local LA staples. Greenwood too has become […]

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Monster Rally- “Color Sky” / DOOM Remixes

Monster Rally’s latest, bright looped out production once again takes you to your own 1960s pool party.  Enjoy some daquiries, toss around the beach ball, and show some skin during the two minute “Color Sky.”

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MF Doom- Thats That / Lightworks

Here’s a double pack for DOOM fans. The first is “That’s That,” a typical track for the established MC. He’s even more ridiculous than normal on this one with lines that take more than a few listens to make sense of. But hey, “Give a MC a rectal hysterectomy/ Lecture on removal of the bowel, […]

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