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Danny Brown – “Grown Up”

Danny Brown -

If rain and gloom didn’t take over Los Angeles this weekend, Danny Brown’s “Grown Up” would have reached my stereo in perfect time. The track shines with pure, summer vibes, immediately bringing to mind BBQs, beach cruisers, pool parties, and all that good stuff. The “Walk On The Wild Side” reminiscent sample rings with old […]

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Top 10 Guest Verses of 2011

Hip-hop comes with a lot of guest verses, and 2011 was no exception to the rule. Sometimes featuring extra rappers improves a track by building on the artist’s energy and offering different perspectives. Other times, it hurts a good song and brings it back to earth. In this case, we are only looking at successes. […]

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The Best 50 Albums of 2011

Quit Mumbling's Best Albums of 2011

The best albums are much more than a collection of stand out songs. Like anything successful, a great album finds multiple parts coming together as one; accomplishing moods, textures, and developments not possible by any one singular piece. The best albums force you to take a step back, to not only look at each moment […]

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The 100 Best Songs of 2011 (100-51)

2011 started a new decade with a bang. The year saw tragedies strike major populations, dictators overthrown, “occupy” redefined, and the casually pepper spray everything cop. As far as music goes, a lot happened too – pop became even more influenced by electronic, helping Adele sound that much better than her Top 40 contemporaries. Dubstep […]

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The Staff Picks of 2011

You should have seen the deliberation room after we finished the lists.  Papers scattered across the floor, blood and coffee stains on the carpet, I think at one point Kenny threw his laptop at Stuart (it just barely missed).  But it makes sense, because each one of us are so passionate about the music we […]

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Video: Danny Brown – “Blunt After Blunt”

Directed by ASAP Rocky and the ICU, this video is a smoke-drenched, claustrophobic take on Danny Brown’s “Blunt After Blunt” track. The song itself is  indulgent and boastful, but ultimately an admission of aimlessness punctuated by the visual of Brown coach-surfing and smoking. Chants of “STYLE” pierce the smoke, as does an ASAP cameo. Really […]


August Mixtape

But this summer was so much different… August is always the month to look back and analyze what should have been the 3 best months of the year.  But we’re older now, trips to the beach are less frequent and time by the pool diminishing.  But this was another summer to be remembered by the […]

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Danny Brown – XXX

Danny Brown- XXX (2011)

When Detroit-bred rapper Danny Brown dropped his free mixtape XXX last week, folks were understandably amped for the tape. Since releasing his stellar album The Hybrid last year and later signing to a hipster favorite record label, Brooklyn-based Fool’s Gold, Brown’s profile has risen considerably. Still, some questioned whether Brown had fallen off given his […]

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