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PESO // A QM Mixtape

The third quarter of the year saw the release of some epic mainstream rap albums (Watch the Throne, Tha Carter IV), the return of otherwise absent rappers (Writing on the Wall 2) and the culmination of internet buzz into real buzz for some QM favorites (ASAP Rocky will be joining Drake and Kendrick Lamar on […]

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Common- “Ghetto Dreams” (featuring Nas) / Raekwon- “Rich & Black” (featuring Nas)


In 2006, Nas’s claimed that Hip Hop is Dead. Today, he’s only releasing music that disproves such a notion. Following an incredibly “Nasty” single, he is featured on the best Common track since Like Water for Chocolate. Meanwhile, “Rich and Black” off Raekwon’s Shaolin vs Wu-Tang finally gets a video. Common – Ghetto Dreams feat […]

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