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Blake Mills & Danielle Haim – “Heart Of Mine” (Bob Dylan Cover)

Teaming up guitar-savant Blake Mills, with the wonderfully rustic vocals of Danielle Haim (of incredible LA based band Haim), and have them cover the one and only Bob Dylan; seems like only the stuff only dreams are made of.  Well, think again cause this dream collab-cover is real, and part of Amnesty International’s compilation, Chimes […]

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Classics // Joan Baez – “Oh Freedom”

Around time of the protests against Governor Scott Walker’s attempts to limit collective bargaining rights for public employees in Wisconsin, I wrote about what I thought Pete Seeger would think.   At 91, he voiced his support for the public employee unions.  We cannot, though, rely on Pete forever. The anti-war and civil rights movements of […]

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Friday Night Lights // Tony Lucca – “Devil Town”

First things first about Friday Night Lights – it’s not a show about football. It’s about as much about football as The Office is about a business, as much as Lost was about an island, as much as this post is about music. It’s a show about family and community and the resilience of the […]

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Bob Dylan and The Band – A Tree with Roots

For anyone who’s a fan of The Basement Tapes, or good music for that matter, I highly recommend downloading A Tree with Roots. I recently re-listened to The Basement Tapes, decided it was in the top five albums ever made, then, thirsty for more, proceeded to waste away countless hours tracking down this surprisingly hard […]

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My Morning Jacket – “The Way That He Sings” (Live at T5) /”Girl From The North Country” (Bob Dylan Cover)

Continuing the countdown to Circuital, My Morning Jacket is giving away one of my favorite songs off At Dawn .  Hear “The Way That He Sings” performed live from Terminal 5 on October 19th, 2010 below.   In conjunction with each track they are giving away, I am going to match it with one of […]

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Bob Dylan – “Shelter From The Storm” (Live 1976)

A weekend ago I made it a goal of mine to collect the entirety of Dylan’s early discography on vinyl.  A day later and many dollars poorer…I succeeded.  After feverishly listening to each record, Blood On The Tracks has definitely become a stand out for me.  Below is a version of one of my all […]


Bob Dylan – “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” (Demo)

The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan has pretty much been a daily listen for me over the past few weeks.  To be honest, I love the way Mr. Dylan describes his relationship with women on this album.  I remember when Stuart bought the record on vinyl at the flea market and the old man who sold it […]

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Dirty Projectors- “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine”

I always get a bit weary when bands with beautiful voices cover Bob Dylan.  If the vocals are flawless something in the “Dylan-esque” soul of the song gets lost.  However, the Dirty Projectors- despite their usual angelic harmonies, pull off this cover of “I Dreamed St. Augustine” with a rawness that manages to stay true […]

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