Greenhorse – “White Dust” (Video Premiere)

Greenhorse -

An ominous foreboding presides over “White Dust,” the new video single from electro Angelenos Greenhorse. Brooding guitars cut through the vague menace of haunting synth wash. The noise gate on an electric drum kit hisses and snaps in a cadence countdown to ignition. Strange and wonderful. A song practically exploding with kinetic vectors of sound […]


Gentleman Jesse & His Men – “Rooting For The Underdog”

I think everybody has a “Gentleman Jesse” in his or her life.  If not presently, than for sure in college.  You know that one guy or girl that made every night out just epic.  Like pack a bag and passport because we’re most likely going to end up somewhere in Mexico, epic.  It’s clear Gentleman […]


Video: Spiritualized – “Hey Jane” (NSFW)

Video: Spiritualized -

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jane. Well, at least in this ten minute AG Rojas directed video, this is who you might assume her to be. In this case, Jane is a trans gender parent, paying the bills as a stripper. The official video of Spiritualized’s latest, awesome single brings you into a day of her […]


Video: Hot Chip – “Flutes”

Video: Hot Chip -

Hot Chip went for the popular extended mixes of their favorite 80s hits with “Flutes.” To do so, they called on the long, forever building club mentality that made classics like “Bizarre Love Triangle” so eternally appealing. The result comes from left field, especially when considering the constant playfulness behind 2010’s One Life Stand. Let […]


Xosar – “Tropical Cruize”

“Tropical Cruize” is Xosar’s debut release.  The chords are warm, the beats oscillate precisely and a futuristic drone permeates throughout the track.  There are obvious Detroit influences in this cut, but there’s much more to occupy the mind here than refurbishing what has already been done.   There’s a sense of eerie retro, with a tinge of disguised spaciness.  Her […]


Video: Usher – “Climax”

Video: Usher -

On February 14th, I presented the Diplo produced “Climax” as the perfect V-Day gift imaginable. Usher sings love songs better than any R&B, pop contemporary around, but after finally seeing the official video for one of the year’s hottest songs yet, I’m reminded the singer does go to plenty of dark places (see Confessions). It […]


Video: Father John Misty – “Nancy From Now On”

Quickly becoming one of our most anticipated releases, Father John Misty gives us another track from his upcoming album Fear Fun, titled “Nancy From Now On”.  The song is a breezy rustic dreamer showcasing Tillman’s vocal ability to be as gentle as he can be barn burning.  Lyrically, Tillman is more on point than ever, […]


Video: Odd Future – NY (Ned Flanders)

Odd Future - NY (Ned Flanders) (video)

Last week, Tyler the Creator tweeted excitedly about “Rella”, the first single/video release from Odd Future’s upcoming group release, OF Tape Vol. 2. “Rella” showcased Hodgy, Tyler and Domo Genesis over a frantic synth-driven beat accompanied by some highly stylized visuals. This week, we have second single “NY (Ned Flanders)” (the video release for which […]


Video: Mini Mansions – “Heart Of Glass”

Remember when baths used to be fun?  When it was some sort of miniature ocean, or at least a giant puddle you could splash around in.  Take a step back and a bath is essentially a luke-warm cauldron of your own filth.  Did I ruin baths for you now? Mini-Mansions take it one step forward, […]