Chad Valley – “Fall 4 U” feat. Glasser (Lissvik Remix)

Swedish producer Dan Lissvik dips Chad Valley track “Fall 4 U” in a Balearic pop bath from the start, giving the lovestruck material a feeling of euphoria that was largely missing from the original. It rids itself of the staleness that never quite took off alongside the soaring vocals, that felt a bit boxed in, like its ringing […]

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Pearls and Lazer – “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”

Traditional blues-based rock is not the flavour of the day, but Pearls and Lazer relish in their authenticity. The howling saxophone solos are a throwback to an elder breed of rock ‘n’ roll musician as the genuinely chilled-out west coast soul of the duo hits all the right tones. This band carries the spirit of […]

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Isaac Delusion – “Midnight Sun”

Isaac Delusion is the French duo who are curiously neither named Isaac. Friends since high school, Jules Paco and Loic Fleury make music that seems to be influenced by both Icelandic pop and American folk, with a shared tradition of rolling travels. “Midnight Sun” walks with a bounce in its step, supplied by the pulsing […]

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Kanye West – “To The World” (feat. R. Kelly)

I’ve made no secret of my feelings about Kanye and R. Kelly here in the past, so hearing of their collaboration on today’s release of G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer had me just shy of giddy. This is very clearly not a Kanye West album, but a mixed-bag showcase for the his label collective’s roster. “To […]

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CRMNL HYGNE – “Andrew’s Song”

Los Angeles band CRMNL HYGNE may not be alone in the punk revival movement coming out of this city, but they have a keen sense of something genuine behind the dated aesthetic, and effectively capture a dual nature caught between apathy and anarchy. Drowned vocals and soaked guitar lines weave in and out of each […]

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Video: Chairlift – “I Belong In Your Arms” (Japanese Version)

Are we surprised Caroline Polacheck can sing in Japanese? Maybe, but thirty seconds into watching the Japanese version of Chairlift’s video for “I Belong In Your Arms,” it’s easy to forget you ever believed the contrary. Quickly, the focus falls on understanding the phantasmagorical landscape background (which exists somewhere between a Magritte painting and the […]


Caveman – “A Country’s King Of Dreams”

Native New York quintet Caveman make music that’s easy on your ears, whose appeal doesn’t require much effort to understand. The 2011 debut Coco Beware made clear their ear for melody and moody disposition, drawing comparisons to Grizzly Bear and Vampire Weekend along the way. Songs are directed by radiant sound doused in reverb, with lyrics nestling in […]

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The xx – “Sunset”

Let me start off by saying this is reportedly an unfinished version. Okay, now, here is a new xx song. They are a crafty little bunch, that xx—the songs they’ve released, preceded by “Chained” and “Angels,” have been a deliberate progression, a careful moon landing between their debut to the upcoming Coexist, out here September […]

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King – “Hey”

Our elders like to always tell us about “the good ol’ days,” when things were simpler, love was less tawdry, and the world less corrupt. And while I think this is mostly a human construct made from rose-colored nostalgia for youth, there are certain days I’m not so sure. Though more socially backward, there was […]

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