R.I.P. Dan Peek of America

Dan Peek, former member of America, died yesterday. Inevitably, his death will be overshadowed by the continuing coverage of another prominent death in the music industry. As it were, I am not much of an America fan to speak of. My favorite America song, “A Horse with No Name,” was not written by Dan Peek. He […]

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The Morning Benders – Japan Echo EP

I’ve always wanted to like The Morning Benders, but the sleepy vocal delivery paired with their sweet sound usually leaves me feeling a bit drowsy. This week however, they released the Japan Echo EP to support earthquake relief efforts for the disaster in Japan. The 8-track EP contains mostly remixes of songs off Big Echo […]

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R.I.P. Nate Dogg

Nate Dogg, R.I.P. 2011

It’s near fact that Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, aka Nate Dogg, played a huge, pivotal part in the musical lives of every hip hop fan. His soulful delivery to a seemingly endless list of now modern day classics solidified him in the rap hall of fame. Starting in the 213 trio that also featured Snoop Dogg […]

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R.I.P. White Stripes

White Stripes Break Up, 2011

After the crazy DVD box set Under Great White Northern Lights, some special edition Third Man record players, and loads of side projects no where as good as the White Stripes, fans could only hope that Jack and Meg White would come together once again to kick our faces in. Turns out that all that […]


Doorly and Toddla T Headline LA Launch Party Saturday

Genre-defying DJ/Producer Doorly is debuting his label ‘Pigeonhole This!’ with a launch party this Saturday, January 29. Doorly’s new label ‘Pigeonhole This!’ aims to bring a future UK club sound through spinning a distinct blend of techno, future garage, DnB, dubstep, hip-hop, electro, grime and indie. Toddla T (Girls Music) will double headline with Doorly […]


The Kills finish new record

Thank goodness Allison is finished with that small distraction known as The Dead Weather and on to bigger and better, aka The Kills (now all we need is Jack to go back to The White Stripes and the universe will be right again).  According to their Facebook page The Kills have finished their new record […]

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R.I.P. Solomon Burke

Solomon Burke R.I.P.

Solomon Burke never topped the charts, but he was an early Soul pioneer, laying the framework for the evolved form of R&B alongside other legendary artists like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding.  He sang against upbeat country infused pop music, which helped claim him the nickname the “King of Rock ‘n’ Soul.”  It was definitely […]

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Go Home With Arcade Fire’s “We Used to Wait”

I remember the first time I went on Google Maps towards the end of high school.  Like everyone else, the first address I plugged in was my own. Since then, if I were to ever use Google Street View for the hell of it (which I did), the  only address I’d care to use was […]


Wavves @ Madam Wong’s

Madam Wong’s was originally a Chinese restaurant sitting in the middle of Chinatown during the 1970’s.  Eventually, co-owner Esther Wong decided to take on punk music, and from there, her tiny small, intimate restaurant became a home for the likes of Black Flag, the Police, and even Guns N Roses. The club would shut down […]