Classics // Slum Village – “Fan-Tas-Tick Vol. 1”

I am going to be the first person to admit that my knowledge of hip-hop is about as shallow as the kiddy pool you pissed in as a youngin’. I know I’m not supposed to say those things since I am currently writing about said-genre and attempting to get you to listen to some hip-hop […]

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Classics // The Soft Boys – “I Wanna Destroy You”

The Soft Boys classic,”I Wanna Destroy You” off the 1980 album Underwater Moonlight is the kick in the ass you need this week.  It’s feel-good, but at the same time you kind want to smash a chair against the wall.  The combination of the power-pop chorus and punk verses perfectly captures the spirit of youth […]

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Bob Dylan and The Band – A Tree with Roots

For anyone who’s a fan of The Basement Tapes, or good music for that matter, I highly recommend downloading A Tree with Roots. I recently re-listened to The Basement Tapes, decided it was in the top five albums ever made, then, thirsty for more, proceeded to waste away countless hours tracking down this surprisingly hard […]

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Ani DiFranco & Jackie Chan – “Unforgettable” (Nat King Cole Cover)

A few times every year, especially after weeks like this that pass in this hectic haze of LA heat, something comes along to knock you out of your self-involved thoughts to remind you what’s really important in life. Off of the compilation album When Pigs Fly: Songs You Never Thought You’d Hear, it rivals Bon […]

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Classics // Moodymann – “Roberta Jean Machine”

Blending live vocals and saxophone over lush harps creates a wonderful deep house melange; completed with obligatory Marvin Gaye samples (Detroit heritage), samba-esque percussion and a crafty arrangement that keeps the listener wanting more. It would not sound out of place at my favorite $50 cocktail lounge or booming from Jackie Brown’s car stereo system. […]


Classics // Talking Heads – “Life During Wartime”

A lot of people might aspire to dance like Michael Jackson (rightfully so), but why not give whatever David Byrne is doing here a try? The iconic, apparently slithery frontman has some moves, as seen throughout the amazing concert film Stop Making Sense. I also like that the top rated comment on this video just […]


Classics // Nirvana – Live Cuts from Hormoaning

Nirvana- Hormoaning, 2011 Record Store Day Reissue

Yesterday’s announcement about the reissue of Nirvana’s exclusive, Australian EP Hormoaning for Record Store Day 2011 got me digging on YouTube.  The stellar, six track rarity features a Devo cover, one Wipers rendition, two Vaseline takes, and two Nirvana originals.  Buy the reissue on April 16. “Mumble On” to see all six songs performed live.

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Classics // The Flaming Lips- “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (Pt. 1)”

Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Part 1

It was an uneventful Saturday stuck sitting at home, but when you have The Flaming Lips’ Transmissions of the Satellite Heart, The Soft Bulletin, Embryonic, and of course, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, doing nothing can sound so good.  The latter album is a fantastically strange journey into a musical fiction about love, technology, and […]

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OOIOO – “Grow Sound Tree”

OOIOO is the side-project of Boredoms drummer, Yoshimi. The band says that their songwriting process usually begins with improvisation sessions. You can almost hear that creative process in “Grow Sound Tree”, from the album ‘Gold and Green’ (2000). It starts out a little weird but builds and comes together over the course of the song, culminating in […]

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