Bear Attack – Shapes EP

As a music writer, the first instinct is to compare a surfacing artist to a band with an already established sound. When listening to Bear Attack’s EP Shine, I am faced with the difficulty of trying to find any kind of accurate comparison. The synths and drumbeat on opening track “Mother” are reminiscent of post-OK Computer Radiohead; […]

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Surfacing: Hundred Visions – “Last Cab From Tunis”

Let’s be honest, your life hasn’t been the same since the demise of LCD Soundsystem.  Since their departure, my heart has been sporting a big hole, waiting on James to come to his senses and fill in that void.  But my heart started hurting alot less since being turned on to Hundred Visions. “Last Cab […]

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Surfacing: SONOIO

Surfacing: Sonoio

If you did any flying during late 2011 you may have noticed an unassuming Italian man traversing America’s airports with a carry-on full of electrical equipment, wiring and light bulbs. In the era of shoe bombers, security obsession and general xenophobia, it takes a brave man to negotiate TSA checkpoints with a bag full of […]

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Surfacing: Field Report – “Fergus Falls”

Field Report was a long time coming.  Six years long.  Chris Porterfield, the man behind the moniker, built up his chops in DeYarmond Edison, a band featuring the one and only Justin Vernon and a few gentleman from Megafun.  After the band split, everyone went on to become…well you, know the story, but Chris took some […]

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Surfacing: Michael Davis With Lions – “Real Love (Bandages)”

The music of Michael Davis has always been infused with a cool shot of calm, or perhaps better described as patience.  It’s music that seems to increase it’s returns with every true listen you give it.  On his upcoming release Real Love, Davis crosses into new sonic territories with bits and pieces of synth sprinkled […]

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Evy Jane – “Say So”

Evy Jane -

Julien Mier Remix

Vancouver’s singer, keyboardist Evelyn Jane Mason and beat maker Jeremiah Klein go by the name of Evy Jane. Together, they have prepared “Say So,” a creepy yet seductive track that only slightly teeters into the realm of dubstep. Ms. Mason’s multitracked voice forces her sexually charged words into your system, leaving you in goosebumps. As […]

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Surfacing: The District Attorneys – “California Fire” / “Confusion of Trust”

Confusion of Trust by The District Attorneys

It was just last night (after listening to Circuital) we made mention of how much we missed old My Morning Jacket.  As if it were some sort of call to the heavens, the gods of southern rock must have heard my beckon cry, and responded kindly this morning with The District Attorneys. Hailing from the great […]

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Surfacing: Gabriel Bruce – “Sleep Paralysis”

Falling under the spell of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, and Nicolas Jaar as of late should lead one to the obvious conclusion of how much I am digging Gabriel Bruce’s single “Sleep Paralysis”.  Like each of the aforementioned artists, Bruce is a bass-heavy crooner that falls somewhere between overly dramatic and just plain evil.  “Sleep […]

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Mingus Murray – “Train Whistle”

Mingus Murray - Mingus

Mingus Murray is a singer-songwriter who’ll be performing at SXSW this March. The son of avant-garde jazz musician David Murray, the Harlem-based Murray released his debut album, Mingus, in September (available here). Rather than taking cues from his father’s peers, Murray’s debut is heavily informed by the soul inflected sounds of the Soulquarians, as well […]

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