Sunday Morning

Bill Callahan – “So long, Marianne” (Leonard Cohen Cover)

Bill Callahan -

Leonard Cohen will be one of the most celebrated acts of the year. With a new album at the age of 77, the timeless songwriter has given us some of the most moving music ever made. Thus, Mojo Magazine found it appropriate to pay tribute to his masterpiece The Songs of Leonard Cohen with a […]

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Willis Earl Beal – “Take Me Away”

In today’s music scene, we are constantly assessing how genuine an artist is. If we feel that the musical statement and image of the artist cannot hold up to the reality of their intentions and who they really are, we feel (understandably) disappointed and betrayed. Upon first listen, Willis Earl Beal’s “Take Me Away” immediately […]

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Rhye – “Open”

The mysterious Los Angeles-based duo Rhye released their EP Open last week, and the title track will sink itself just inside the cavity of your chest. There is an earnestness to the hushed vocal that reveals both newfound attachment and longing affection. Its bedsheet intimacy is paired with amazingly plain, yet candid sweet nothings like […]

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Chairlift – “I Belong In Your Arms”

This is a different kind of Sunday morning. Yes, Sunday, a day revered for it’s ability to keep you subdued just a bit longer in bed, sometimes needs a little jumpstart.  “I Belong In Your Arms” the tremendously sweeping new single from Brooklyn duo Chairlift, may just be the extra push you need this AM. […]

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QM Presents: Keaton Henson – “To Your Health” | The Roof Session

To see Keaton Henson perform is to walk in uninvited on a moment so honest, you’ll feel guilty for having intruded but thankful for having the audacity to stay.  When we first heard about Keaton Henson, we heard there was a very good chance we would never get to see him live- that is unless […]

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Wilco – “Whole Love”

Wilco is the band you want your kids raised on.  Wilco fans are good people, because songs like “Whole Love” are just so tender and goodhearted, you can’t help but look at things with a little more warmth.  The video, produced by Jeff Tweedy’s son beautifully reflects feelings of after-school snacks and pj’s with the […]

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Blake Mills & Danielle Haim – “Heart Of Mine” (Bob Dylan Cover)

Teaming up guitar-savant Blake Mills, with the wonderfully rustic vocals of Danielle Haim (of incredible LA based band Haim), and have them cover the one and only Bob Dylan; seems like only the stuff only dreams are made of.  Well, think again cause this dream collab-cover is real, and part of Amnesty International’s compilation, Chimes […]

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Vince Guaraldi Trio – “Linus And Lucy”

I was back in Ohio for Thanksgiving, and the radio stations had already been playing holiday music for two weeks.  That’s a good month before the actual day.  We’re not going to put you through that vigorous of a regiment.  I mean, I love Christmas, but I can only hear “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa […]

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Arthur Russell- World of Echo LP

Arthur Russell - World of Time (1986)

The last decade has seen a real effort at exposure of Arthur Russell’s work. Since his death in 1992 there’s been a film and a flurry of compilations mining his apparently interminable unreleased material. This has certainly seen a surge in Russell’s fame, not only as an avant-garde disco producer, but as a writer of […]

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