Sunday Morning

Javier Dunn – “Call Your Girlfriend” (Robyn Cover)

Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” has incurred a staggering amount of cover versions. Perhaps it’s the earnest lyrics or simple chord progressions that lend themselves so beautifully to harmonies (exhibit A, exhibit B), but for whatever reason, the Swedish electropop song has shuffled its way off of the dance floor and into the kitchens and living […]

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Schultz and Forever – “Falling”

Eighteen year-old Danish singer Jonathan Schultz (not Daniel Radcliffe) is behind Schultz and Forever, whose lead single “Falling” is an early morning stroll through the woods. Its quiet, simple strumming reflects like ripples in a creek, that points to both the beginning and the end of finding and losing someone, like a vignette that fades back […]

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Halls – “White Chalk”

South London’s Sam Howard will have to work his way out of James Blake’s deep shadow of minimal, glitch-filled aesthetic that pops its way through a hollowed out space, but the first track off his upcoming debut, Ark, is less moody than the post-dub prince, and more pure, like a naturally flowing spring. The harrowing, choral […]

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Luke Sital-Singh – “Fail For You”

There will be obvious choral comparisons to Bon Iver, as you can almost hear For Emma playing in the background somewhere, and to Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold, but Luke Sital-Singh’s “Fail For You” is a simple, mediated not-quite-love song. The 24-year-old South West Londoner’s track has the effect of treading open water, and is made […]

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Sunday Morning: Beck – “I Only Have Eyes For You”

This morning, wake up to the warm space waves of Mr. Beck Hanson.  Never an artist to stick to any certain genre, Beck’s latest work “I Only Have Eyes For You,” a cover of  The Flamingos, finds the artist giving one of his best crooner performances to date. Dainty pianos provide the sparse backdrop to […]

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Norah Jones – “Say Goodbye”

Norah Jones -

The instant “Say Goodbye” starts you immediately notice two things: 1) This isn’t a sound we’ve previously associated with Norah Jones, probably because 2) Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton’s fingerprints (paw prints?) are all over this track. The understated, shimmering synth chords combined with the subtle laying of guitars are, for any fans of Broken Bells, […]

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Sharon Van Etten – “Give Out”/ “Serpents”

“Give Out” is one of those songs you have to start and stop several times throughout it’s entirety to properly understand just how poignant, honest, and deeply cutting the writing is.  In fact, the same can be said for  the entirety of Sharon Van Etten’s latest release, Tramp. Explaining my feelings towards “Give Out” wouldn’t do […]

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Sunday Morning: Lambchop – “Gone Tomorrow”

There comes a time each day when I need to listen to Mr. M to keep my sanity.  With the plethora of places my mind wanders, Lambchop’s latest release is able to always bring me back to center.  The entire album is gorgeous, walking a line between delicate folk and baroque classical music from another […]

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Arcade Fire – “Abraham’s Daughter”

Arcade Fire -

Whether exploring life, death, and love in Funeral, taking on religion and politics in Neon Bible, or reminiscing on their childhoods in The Suburbs, Arcade Fire always keep it theatrical. For that reason, if you are making an epic movie and need an epic song, these guys are the gang to hire for it. Win Butler, Regina […]

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