Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

With the release of his major label debut Channel Orange, Odd Future crooner Frank Ocean strikes paradoxical gold. The singer’s delicate voice plays over A-list guest appearances, controversial blog posts and witty musings on the hypocrisy of success. Despite his accessible old school vocals, Ocean proves he’s nobody’s darling and that the outsider throne fits just right. Last year’s […]

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Clams Casino – Instrumental Mixtape 2

Clams Casino is taking over. If your mind immediately wandered to the clams-on-the-halfshell dish made famous in Narragansett, Rhode Island, chances are you have a strange shellfish fetish or perhaps you’re just not a hip-hop fan. Mike Volpe, aka Clams Casino, is an Italian dude from New Jersey widely regarded as one of the finest producers in […]

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Julia Holter – Ekstasis LP

Julia Holter Ekstatis Cover 2012 (Review)

"In the Same Room"

"This is Ekstasis"

Julia Holter’s last album, Tragedy, attempted to mediate Greek drama into unsettling chamber pop eccentricity. Her elliptical method resulted in pop so disintegrated and dissolving that it was at once utterly like and unlike anything else. The obvious touchstones can be listed easily enough – Laurie Anderson, Gillian Welch, and a slightly more outré Kate […]

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John Talabot – fIN

John Talabot - fin

On summer nights the air in Barcelona is thick, densely warm. Carnival sounds dart around alley corners, the unlit alleys are dark with shadows. There is a sense of the jungle. Talabot’s debut album, fin, emerges out of the jungle with oozing tropicalia and cicadas behind the opening track, at once inviting dance and hinting […]

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Robert Glasper Experiment – Black Radio

Robert Glasper Experiment - Black Radio
Robert Glasper Experiment featuring Mos Def - "Black Radio"

February 29th only comes around every 4 years, making it significant in its own special way. An album as intriguing, original and compelling as Black Radio by the Robert Glasper Experiment surfaces even less often, and what better way to enjoy your extra day then with some brand new genre-defying music? Black Radio combines the […]

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Del the Funkee Homosapien – West Coast Avengers (WCA D-Funk Edition)

Del The Funky Homosapien - West Coast Avengers (2012)

Oakland legend Del the Funkee Homosapien swept in this week with a new tape, which he promises is the first in a trilogy of free tapes to be released this year. Entirely self-produced, and entirely dependent on P-Funk samples, West Coast Avengers finds Del doing lots of what he’s always done: shouting out wack rappers, […]

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Harriet – Tell The Right Story

Imagine seeing a beautiful girl in a bar…lets call her Harriet. Sure the fact that Harriet is easy on the eyes, with shimmering keys and anthemic vocals, is reason enough to go and talk to her. She sings about sleeping with your mom, and you realize—you’re starting to fall for her. But then you discover […]

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Porcelain Raft – Strange Weekend

  After the excitement and commotion in the newness of the year passes, it’s a dreaded few weeks of purgatory; a period of reconciling the lingering effects of the year barely passed with the swirling sweet nothings from the year to come, as you wait for it to finally take off one way or the […]

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heRobust – Albumin

Herobust - Albumin

Albumin is the 2011 full length debut of Atlanta electro producer heRobust alias: Hayden Kramer. In forty five minutes of track time lush synth patches and red-lining, gooey beats take you through a stunning range of jams that are both completely unorthodox and wholly addictive. And there all certainty ends. heRobust’s self-labeled genre is “wonky” […]

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