“If Beats Was Money..”

Main Attrakionz - 2012

Squadda’s voice trails off as he contemplates life after the monetary change, but if beats was money, then North Oakland hip-hop duo Main Attrakionz would have so much you could find them setting piles of their cash ablaze like The Joker. Not that money is the end-game for Charles Glover a.k.a. “Squadda Bambino” or Demondre […]

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Neuroscience and Chinese Food: An Interview with Ariel Pink

On an unusually active Thursday night at Oberlin College, I had the curious opportunity of sharing some words with Ariel Pink, currently on tour with his band Haunted Graffiti supporting their new record, Mature Themes. Pacing the sidewalk with impressive composure for a 34-year-old in a glittered blouse, the neon-haired Pink had some feisty things to […]

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An Interview with XOSAR of Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.)

Following her fantastic, frothingly spooky debut release we caught up with the enigmatic, trans-Atlantic XOSAR to ask her five essential questions about her beats, rhymes and life. 1. How does it feel to finally have your tunes down on wax? Have you been building up to this for a while or was it something you […]

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An Interview with American Royalty

American Royalty caught our attention with their wonderfully spastic genre clash of electronic-meets-blues.  They hooked us with late-night melodies and sealed the deal with a live show boasting beats as dirty as many of the guitar licks that weave the tracks together.  Seemingly from another planet, this duo has landed in Southern California for the […]

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Scarred For Life: Gauntlet Hair Interview

Gauntlet Hair Interview, Quit Mumbling

“Definitely the thumbtacks,” Gauntlet Hair’s lanky, wisecracking drummer Craig Nice answers without hesitation. His confident answer is met with decided skepticism from band mate Andy. “I don’t know, they might not ever come out.” “Andy, you could cut off your lower lip,” Craig offers, “you could get some great vocals like that. You’d just need […]

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Vinnie Ferra

Vinnie Ferra Interview with Quit Mumbling, 2012

At the end of January I had the pleasure of seeing Vinnie Ferra play with his band at the Silverlake Lounge during their Monday Night residency. I immediately was drawn in by the quality of the songs, Vinnie’s voice, and the energy of the entire band. Recently, I got to sit down with the 23-year-old […]

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An Interview With Wade Ryff From RACES

To celebrate the release of Year Of The Witch, the debut album from QM favorites RACES, we took the time to ask lead singer, Wade Ryff, a few questions.  Check out the interview below and get a brief glimpse into the creation of this phenomenal record. Be sure to catch the band at their release […]

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Interview // Nosaj Thing

Nosaj Thing Live At Mondrian Skybar
Nosaj Thing - "Caves"

Nosaj Thing’s debut album Drift is now almost three years old and we’re still eagerly waiting for new music. Thankfully, the electronic producer will finally answer our needs this year. 2012 will the see the light of more material from Jason Chung, so if you are in Los Angeles on Thursday, be sure to catch […]

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Getting To Know Mini Mansions

I want you to take 3 things away from this interview. First, Mini Mansions know what vajazzling is, and they support it (respect).  Second, Mini Mansions have actually seen (and practically saved) a real Koala- and Koala’s are fucking cute.  Third, Mini Mansions are playing our show, along with Haim and Pratley, on Saturday February […]

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