Friday Night

Maurice Donovan – “Call My Name”

When David Kennedy (Ramadanman & Pearson Sound) dropped this track under his pseudonym, Maurice Donovan, last month, he engaged in a little press mis-information by pretending that he was a long-lost Chicago underground DJ who was releasing new material after two decades of celibacy.  The identity might be fake, but the intentions are surely not. […]

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Levon Vincent – “Impressions of a Rainstorm”

Does Levon Vincent bump with the devil?  The pulsating bass and screeching synth lines of  “Impressions of a Rainstorm” would have you believe so. There is something rather dubby about Levon’s work, with a wall-of-sound cacophony that manages to increase in intensity throughout this track. The washed-out chords provide eerie atmospherics, while driving basslines keep […]

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Octo Octa – “High Reflection”

Whoever Octo Octa are, they be making some slammin’ tunes.  The entire Let Me See You EP on the hot, house label 100% Silk is comprised of tracks dreamy enough to make you swoon and edgy enough to make you stomp. Octo chooses to veer away from traditional jacking hi-hats. The exquisitely understated sound design […]

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Portishead- “Wandering Stars” (Nosaj Thing Remix)

Portishead more than pleased their many Los Angeles fans with a two night stay at The Shrine on Tuesday and Wednesday. To say singer Beth Gibbons can still give you the chills is an understatement. She captivates and haunts you. Rising producer Nosaj Thing, who won electronic music fans over with his 2009 debut Drift, […]

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Friday Night // Trevino – “Buried”

Well look who has been spotted jumping on the 808 bandwagon? It’s only Marcus Intalex, the ultimate intelligent liquid drum and bass honcho. The Mancunian* – who made his name spearheading the more refined side of dnb, releasing Martyn’s first crossover hit on Revolve:r Shadowcasting – has shifted his attention to 4-to-the-floor side of things. […]

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The Rapture – “It Takes Time To Be A Man”

Their is something very fitting about the front cover of The Rapture’s new album, and my mindset come Friday evening.  After a weeks worth of stress you could easily find me riding whatever wave of plans that are made, still numb from exhaustion, but readily welcoming the fleeting weekend with open arms.  “It Takes Time […]

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Chad Valley- “Now That I’m Real (How Does It Feel)?”

Chad Valley-

Hugo Manuel, aka Chad Valley, makes music that battles for some sort of middle ground between melancholic electronica and cheerful pop. Judging by the title of his 2011 release Equatorial Ultravox, you would probably think he takes himself way too seriously or belongs with the heaps of cheesy,  post 70’s prog rock bands that somehow […]

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Friday Night // Pangaea – “Fatalist”

Admittedly, I have taken a step back from the dance floor rompers as of late, preferring the idle offerings of my favorite Berlin or Detroit go-to producers and dj’s. Up until now, it was hard for me to disassociate Pangaea from his seminal, love-long-lost classic, “Memories.” Whereas listening to his other work always pushed me […]

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Flight Facilities- “Foreign Language”

Flight Facilities featuring Jesse-

Flight Facilities provided Quit Mumbling one of our favorite pump up tracks of 2010. Today, “Crave You” featuring Giselle still finds itself popping up on the Mumble rotation. Tonight, we finally give you their second single. “Foreign Language” features another mysterious female singer only credited by her first name. Jessie sings over Flight Facilities funked […]

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