Friday Night

Friday Night: New Build – “Medication” / “Do You Not Feel Loved”

Having LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip in your pedigree is one hell of an ancestry, but quite the legacy to live up to.  Despite the latter family tree, New Build have definitely stepped up to the plate with their debut release Yesterday Was Live… As one would expect, the band rules with all things disco- fat […]

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John Talabot – fIN

John Talabot - fin

On summer nights the air in Barcelona is thick, densely warm. Carnival sounds dart around alley corners, the unlit alleys are dark with shadows. There is a sense of the jungle. Talabot’s debut album, fin, emerges out of the jungle with oozing tropicalia and cicadas behind the opening track, at once inviting dance and hinting […]

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War – “Brodermordet”

Somewhere, amidst the dense layer of fog, fuzz, hiss, and scratch, there’s a Friday night here.  “Brodermordet”, a track from the duo War, is the sound of an old dance cassette tape probably suffering from the decay of being left in a garage too long, played through a boombox afflicted with a similar ailment. In […]

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The Men – “Ex-Dreams”

I was listening to LCD Soundsystem the other day and got really stuck on how much I love the line, “Sound of silver talk to me / makes you want to feel like a teenager / until you remember the feelings of / a real life emotional teenager / then you think again.  There’s a duality […]

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Amadou & Mariam – “Dougou Badia” (feat. Santigold)

African couple Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia are preparing to release a new album that feature guest contributions from TV On The Radio, Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Theophilus London, and Santigold, among others. The album, which was largely recorded in New York, has deciperhable Middle Eastern, Indian, and African influences with a touch of […]

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PAPA – “I Am The Lion King” (St. Lucia Remix)

As the weekend draws nearer, we couldn’t be more excited for our show tomorrow (1/21) with PAPA, Cillie Barnes, and Les Sands.  Upon checking the ole inbox this morning, I thanked the gods of serendipity for dropping this little gem into my arms to prepare for what is sure to be an amazing night.  Turns […]

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Craig Alexander – “Soul Revival”

Craig Alexander -

In order to start off 2012 properly, I want to go back to the beginning of the new millennium to the depths of 2001 to pull out Craig Alexander’s “Soul Revival,” a track that predicted the re-emergence of the soul-inspired Chicago House in the post Y2K world. Eleven years later, we find ourselves at a […]

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CRAP Eyewear Presents – Snack Pack Vol 4: Fat Tony

In their latest installment of the Snack Pack mix series, CRAP Eyewear reached out to southern hip-hop phenom Fat Tony for a selection of songs made for a Friday night.  Coming off of quite the year including a tour with Das Racist, a performance at Fun Fun Fun Fest, and a track on the A$AP […]

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Mosca – “Jager”

Mosca has all the Night Slugs credentials but like Blawan, he has falling prey to the techno allure.  The intensity on this track strips away any of the UK garage heritage that Mosca had once exhibited.  And puts the bass in a boom room that techno masters from Underground Resistance to Shed would be pleased […]

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