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Pinch & Shackleton – “Jellybones”

by Rudo |

This collaboration makes sense, both were foundational figures in the dubstep community and had or have hugely influential labels with Tectonic and Skull Disco, respectively.  This is where a lot of their similarities end, though, with Pinch more firmly dedicated to the hub of UK bass music and the half-step drum pattern, and Shackleton isolating himself to the colder climes of Germany with a more ethereal aesthetic.

Their combination pushes Pinch’s record selector impulses over Shackleton’s notorious reclusiveness.  The darkness, which both regularly imbibe upon, is ever present throughout the album.  Shackleton’s impulse to follow increasingly complex tangents is abandoned in favour of a traditional reductionism, which Pinch feeds off as well. “Jelly Bones,” shows the talents of the two harnessing one another, even though Shackleton’s idiosyncratic sound shines most brightly.

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