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Geographer – “Verona”/ “Night Winds”

by Kenny |


After unexpected sadness in his family brought Geographer lead Michael Deni to San Francisco from his home state of New Jersey, he channeled everything into making music incorporating the synthesizer he found one day, just sitting on the street. From there grew the synthpop rooted in acoustics, with porcelain vocals that suggest emotional weight.

In “Verona”, off their 2010 EP Animal Shapes, Deni wonders “Was I ever any different?,” as loving sentiments build you up off a cliff with the splash-to-the-face punchline “You told such simple lies.” His story rings true because it reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit; that even in troubling times, humans can find beauty – part of what makes us uniquely aware.

Check out two tracks and an acoustic performance of ‘Verona” backed by his cellist and drummer Spooky Eyes and Stone Cold Steve Austin below. Against these Santa Ana winds in Los Angeles the past few days, this is a taste of that Bay Area overcast sunshine.


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