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We Are Augustines – “Book Of James”

by Bear |

Ok, I know the first thing you are going to say.  Yes, We Are Augustines shares some uncanny similarities with Bruce Springsteen and Arcade Fire.  We agree on that.  But creating a sound as massive and emotionally charged as each of the previous bands is not something you can just one day decide to replicate.  In fact, I’ve seen too many bands take a stab at a grandiose anthems and come out missing the mark.  Because creating a sound as powerful as Arcade Fire or The Boss isn’t just big drum sounds and a big band.  No, it requires a tremendous skill of song writing that can stand up to an immense wall of sound.  It requires a voice that could inspire an army of troops into a battle where  the odds are stacked against them.  We Are Augustines succeeds in each of these fields.  It’s clear that this band is not trying to recreate a sound.  For the tone of sincerity in songs such as “Book Of James”, is not something that can be manufactured.  Check it out below-

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