Friday Night

Octo Octa – “High Reflection”

by Rudo |

Octo OctaWhoever Octo Octa are, they be making some slammin’ tunes.  The entire Let Me See You EP on the hot, house label 100% Silk is comprised of tracks dreamy enough to make you swoon and edgy enough to make you stomp.

Octo chooses to veer away from traditional jacking hi-hats. The exquisitely understated sound design of all the song’s components keeps your hips swinging throughout the track.  Lashings of reverb add to the track’s drama.  A hint of disco makes you realize why this style has been bizarrely referred to as “italo-tropical dub”.

My pick of the bunch is “High Reflection,” purely for its epic attempt at a nouveau disco romper. “I’m Trying to Let You Go” may be more accessible for its instantly recognizable use of R&B popstress, Amerie, but it cannot match “High Reflection’s” larger-than-life personality.

Out will come the smiles on this candy coated shuffler,  all the fairies will certainly flutter their wings to this.  Check this 100% Silk mix over the weekend, if you need some more good vibes, because wherever you are, it’s Friday.

Octo Octa- “High Reflection”

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