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Rhye – “The Fall”

We’ve been fans of Rhye since their mysterious debut track “Open” came out of nowhere early this year. Well we now know a little bit more about the Los Angeles by way of Berlin duo Robin Hannibal and Mike Milosh, but it’s almost better keeping their shroud of mystery in tact behind the fleeting moods their songs inhabit. From “3 Days” to new single “The Fall,” they’ve developed a niche in trying to hold on to moments as they’re slipping through. Steady, heartbeat rhythms keep things intimate without being desperate, and strings always inject a classic awareness of the fickle nature of passing time. “Don’t slip away, my dear,” Milosh coos, but their songs, like the consuming relationships of which they sing, always end in a blur before you’re ready.

Their aptly-titled second EP The Fall will be out on Innovative Leisure October 9—check out the song and accompanying video below.

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