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Video: Chairlift – “I Belong In Your Arms” (Japanese Version)

Are we surprised Caroline Polacheck can sing in Japanese?

Maybe, but thirty seconds into watching the Japanese version of Chairlift’s video for “I Belong In Your Arms,” it’s easy to forget you ever believed the contrary. Quickly, the focus falls on understanding the phantasmagorical landscape background (which exists somewhere between a Magritte painting and the original 1982 version of Tron), appreciating bassist Patrick Wimberly’s commitment to head bobbing, and ogling Polacheck’s hair. But you know what? It works; by the end, our feet are tapping and our mouths trying to lip sync words we cannot even pronounce.

No doubt, releasing a video in Japanese before their sophomore album Something becomes available in Japan will command the attention of fans in the East, and its deliberately cheesy visuals have us snickering stateside as well. Thankfully, knowing that Polacheck spent a portion of her youth in Japan sets a couple puzzle pieces in place. Instead of one, we now have two versions of this romantic, upbeat track with that same soaring chorus, and we have absolutely no reason to complain. Check out the video below.

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