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Pearls and Lazer – “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”

Traditional blues-based rock is not the flavour of the day, but Pearls and Lazer relish in their authenticity. The howling saxophone solos are a throwback to an elder breed of rock ‘n’ roll musician as the genuinely chilled-out west coast soul of the duo hits all the right tones.

This band carries the spirit of classic rock with a refined, hip ethos that seeps through the music. The relaxed passion of the saxophonist’s note is hard combined with the lyrics of tattooed attraction and are entirely relatable to the average punter but marked by a distinct Pearls and Lazer stamp. As a synced group, the band never tread on each other, displaying a professional musicianship beyond their years, devoid of any stoner tendencies. In a landscape of post-anything genrefication, Pearls and Lazer are a deep breath of old blues.

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