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On An On – “Ghosts”

Certain music lends itself to a heightened form of driving, that makes the entire experience, even here in good ol’ Los Angeles “melt outside the lines.” What may be our subconscious admiration for cinematic moodiness inclines us towards the slow-motion vision that kicks in once the right song soundtracks our automotive voyage (because that’s what it becomes). Somehow, people have more fully-formed faces and our already beautiful city takes on a fleeting, long-form perspective that I believe gets buried somewhere deep in the trenches of our brains.

On An On (conjunctions be damned!) were formed from the remaining members of Chicago band Scattered Trees when two of their bandmates announced they would be leaving the group. Faced with the decision of the future of their music, Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci, and Ryne Estwing decided to move forward and use the opportunity to try the things they were always too cautious to step away from before in their already-established sound.

With the guiding hand of Broken Social Scene producer Dave Newfeld, they recorded an album around lead single “Ghosts” that keeps one eye ahead with everything in mind, loose with humid guitar lines and a free spirit that doesn’t entertain an idea of being left behind, but finds liberation in its newfound mobility.

Their debut as a trio, Give In, will be released January 29 on Roll Call Records.

If I’m driving down the 5 and “Don’t Think Twice” isn’t playing at some point between San Francisco and here, something is broken, and it’s likely my tape deck. What’s your go-to driving song?

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