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Javier Dunn – “Call Your Girlfriend” (Robyn Cover)

Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” has incurred a staggering amount of cover versions. Perhaps it’s the earnest lyrics or simple chord progressions that lend themselves so beautifully to harmonies (exhibit A, exhibit B), but for whatever reason, the Swedish electropop song has shuffled its way off of the dance floor and into the kitchens and living rooms of countless Youtube troubadours (youtroubadours…consider it coined).

Los Angeles-based folk singer Javier Dunn portrays the song from a male perspective. “Call your boyfriend,” Dunn croons over a lilting acoustic guitar, replacing the original’s righteous urgency with a melancholy sense of defeat. This version of the story evokes a last-ditch effort to convince the singer’s beloved adulterer to leave the boyfriend in question. Though we usually don’t side with the third point of a love triangle, Dunn’s sweet voice and sincere delivery endow him with underdog status. And who doesn’t want to root for that?

Dunn’s EP Small Spaces is available now.

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