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Frank Ocean – “Blue Whale”

Last night, Frank Ocean released (“dropped”) a non-album track via his Tumblr page that acts both lyrically and sonically as an epilogue to his recently praised album Channel Orange.

Though Ocean’s signature falsetto is nowhere to be found on “Blue Whale,” a song he raps instead of sings on, it’s still full of his corner-of-the-room thoughts, with a hopeful “life goes on” refrain to ease its digestion. His subtle, stream of consciousness style hints at seeds of issues (“My hometown flooded,“How that gravel taste?/How you paid your medical bills?”) without imposing on the listener, all over a real pretty beat that takes it through its final enlightened minute, the first morning after mourning.

This life goes on, man, that’s one thing about it/ Life goes on, pimpin’, the wise don’t doubt it”

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