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Chad Valley – “Fall 4 U” feat. Glasser (Lissvik Remix)

Swedish producer Dan Lissvik dips Chad Valley track “Fall 4 U” in a Balearic pop bath from the start, giving the lovestruck material a feeling of euphoria that was largely missing from the original. It rids itself of the staleness that never quite took off alongside the soaring vocals, that felt a bit boxed in, like its ringing synths couldn’t quite find their way out of the room.

The rework makes the air under both Valley and Cameron Mesirow of Glasser‘s delivery float around in endless circles, and the line “You don’t know what else is ‘a comin’” becomes a coy and flighty promise in anticipation that makes it an altogether more playful, tingling affair. Once this one takes off, it’s pretty hard to focus long enough to get it to come back down.

Chad Valley’s upcoming full-length debut Young Hunger is out October 30 on Cascine. Check out both versions of the song below.

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