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Young Hunting – “Maze”

After the promising ventures made possible by warm nights and vacation days have been tried, the interminable end of summer slowly draws attention back to the insecurities of seasonal reality.  Young Hunting colors this frustrated chronicle of missed connections and floating subtleties with a spectra of eased out drumbeats and foggy riffing, fit perfectly for the dwindling August summerscape.

Nothing about this slow dancing ditty hits too hard, but the airy mix of all leans on something poignant.  Loomed background vocals, stoney strumming and an evocative guitar solo surround Young Hunting in an expansive, elusive space that lends itself to shoegaze, garage rock and the multitudinous mystery jams that lie in between.

“Maze,” with its humidity and mild lament, speaks the balmy frustrations of unrealized love that always end up distinguishing a summer more than an imaginary beach daze.

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