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Jessie Ware – “Sweet Talk”

Jessie Ware is the UK songstress whose music is always caught somewhere between resistance and devotion, a slow-motion battle between the head and the heart. She’s been compared to both Sade and Aaliyah (whose upcoming Drake-produced posthumous release has been recently causing a stir), and her silk soprano borrows from her “sweet but street” vocal stylings that keep even the carnal still classy.

The Julio Bashmore-produced track “Sweet Talk” is the latest from her upcoming debut that does its best to lay out all the rational reasons to walk away, but stays honest with the fact that she’s still, as the saying goes, “under it.” It’s a relationship that’s not quite toxic but unbalanced nonetheless, leading to late nights of free-flowing bottles and impulsive (compulsive) chicken scratch. An unwinding bath of a beat is gently punched by guitar lines that prescribe caution in continuing down a dead-end road. It leaves a space free from judgement, that understands the complications of human connection, where the words “right” and “wrong” are as subjective as they are meaningless.

Devotion is out August 20.

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