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An Interview with XOSAR of Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.)

Following her fantastic, frothingly spooky debut release we caught up with the enigmatic, trans-Atlantic XOSAR to ask her five essential questions about her beats, rhymes and life.

1. How does it feel to finally have your tunes down on wax? Have you been building up to this for a while or was it something you only recently got stuck into?

I am ecstatic to have my songs immortalized in vinyl form. It’s something I’ve anticipated, hoped for, and visualized for years, so naturally, the manifestation is quite pleasing. It was really cool to go to the pressing plant in Brooklyn to see where all the magic happens, it felt like one of those episodes of Sesame Street when they show you how different factories work.

“Tropical Cruize” from the Tropical Cruize EP

2. What single track from the 90s would you choose to represent your artistic muse?

Model 500 – “The Flow”

From the sinister bass stabs and contrasting new age chant-like pads to the epic vocals and weird lyrical content, this track conjures all the magical elements necessary for pure enchantment. Not to mention the mysterious music video. I wish Juan Atkins or anyone could give me a detailed analysis, decoding the video’s symbolic significance. Who is the man in the suit and why is he summoning Juan Atkins to prepare his submarine? Who is the stoic robed figure and why does the businessman-turned-scuba diver kneel before him? Who are the kids that approach the ocean’s end only to be wilfully beamed into outer space? If anyone has any information please email it to xosar@xosar.com ASAP.

3. Some of your tracks sound a little mystic — do you have an attraction to or a fear of fairies, goblins or ghouls at all?

I have a deep fascination of all mystical creatures and paranormal entities. I probably acquired this interest from my mom, who is an actual member of the Cold Mountain Paranormal Society.

“Ghosthaus” from the Ghosthaus EP 

4. Leading off that, if you were caught trick or treating what kind of candy would you be hoping for?

I would choose the candy CocoGnome. Cleverly devised by Legowelt, this candy contains a strawberry and a mini Bounty.  First you cut off the sides of the bounty to increase desirability levels of the coconut-to-chocolate ratio, then you put a strawberry on top. However, you must take a strategic bite out of the top of strawberry first so that it forms a perfect arch shape that fits onto the top of the bounty like a puzzle piece. The upside down strawberry resembles the hat of a gnome, thus the term “CocoGnome.”

5. Now you’re an adult, whiskey or wine?

Neither. I prefer Bloody Marys. The bloodier the better.

XOSAR’s records Tropical Cruize EP and Ghosthaus EP are available now. For more on Ron Morelli’s Long Island Electrical Systems, read up hereListen to her mix for Juno Download below

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