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Com Truise – In Decay

Do androids groove to electric beats?

The intemperate ghost of Philip K. Dick will have to excuse the pun crafted at the cost of his constituent musings on authenticity and identity in a digital world. Great attention has been paid of late to the publication of his exegesis and its bounty of stunning future worlds. Rarely authentic, often mechanical and leaning towards the gaudy, the reverent spaces of Dick’s work appear as cult classics and snide asides in music reviews. The strange reality is that Dick’s work lives in our musical evolution, the tone of which is increasingly synthetic and, as a whole, a collective meditation on dystopic and chilling human nature.

We now welcome to the program Com Truise, the New Jersey based electro producer whose shimmering brand of dream ambient sounds like the theme for Rick Deckard’s vacation on an off-world tropical beach. Too downtempo for a proper ecstasy cut with speed/deadmau5 head piece adorning/party with your teeth chattering 15-year-old neighbor rave, and too energetic to facilitate a restful afternoon by the pool, Com Truise’s newest offering of B-sides, In Decay, straddles an eerie electro middle ground.

The panoply of spiraling neon hooks, flashing melodic lines and punchy bass feels like a serene little slice of dystopia. Synthesizers are effectively enveloped and teased out to create a euphoric little pocket of listenership where the bounty of technology has been harnessed to create vivid streams of sonic beauty and relaxation. Every so often, as in the grotesque, inhuman robot voice of “Open” or the domineering tremble of “Smily Cyclops,” Com Truise inadvertently stumbles into a space where notes of foreboding ring freely.

Musically captivating, In Decay continues in the tradition of paradoxical electro woven from the warp and woof or mind blowing clarity and ominous harbingers. Like drinking heavily on a sunny SoCal Sunday afternoon as the portents of a shitty work week Monday hangover your head, Com Truise has hit a nerve where both sides of the electro coin merge in harmony.

So whether you’re an android or a human, a zync applying beach bro or an insular, computer programmer, Com Truise comes with a certain appeal authentic to the synthetic tone of our time (Wait. What??) and imbued with sufficient groove to keep you at the right life tempo.

Hark! Take Heed! Things are not always what they seem and a journey through this worm hole might leave you feeling more twisted than sublimated.

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