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An Interview with American Royalty

American Royalty caught our attention with their wonderfully spastic genre clash of electronic-meets-blues.  They hooked us with late-night melodies and sealed the deal with a live show boasting beats as dirty as many of the guitar licks that weave the tracks together.  Seemingly from another planet, this duo has landed in Southern California for the month of July and will be hitting it hard at The Echo every Monday.  We sat down with the gentleman to discuss all that was going on in the world of AR!

QM: It feels like its been awhile since we’ve had you back in LA!  Fill us in on what you guys have been up to?
AR: Just trying to get by…. Our last tour was pretty long, but since then we’ve been working on new material and trying to get everything in order for this upcoming residency. Billy just DJ’d the Governor’s Ball in NY and whispered a bunch of creepy shit into people’s headphones at a Silent Disco.

QM: How was tour?  Any shows in particular that stand out in your mind?
AR: The Rickshaw in San Francisco w/ Oliver was a serious party.  Must of been something in the cool aid, cause everyone was going crazy.

American Royalty – Matchstick from American Royalty on Vimeo.

QM: Craziest tour story?
AR: A girl in Utah told us that she jumped off a cliff listening to Levrolution, possessed by a ski video.  Strangely, she did not “get owned” but she did own the ski video that possessed her.

QM: How do you think being on the road has impacted the bands live set and song writing?
AR: We try to play straight up jams that everybody and their grandsister gets down with.  Being on the road has really highlighted how diverse our audience actually is – which is a really inspiring thing to see.

QM: Looks like you guys have been DJing a lot more, how has that been going?
AR: So great. We love DJing. Slowly getting better at our DJ banter, but it’s a blast.  Our vinyl collection is coming together too so hopefully soon we can get to a point where promoters will provide 3 CDJs and 2 Turntables… then the parties will really get going.

QM: What tracks have been really killing it for you in your sets?
AR: The RICHNUSS remix of Blood Keys! hotness!

QM: What are you all listening to now?
AR: Lots of psych rock, King Tuff, Thee Oh Sees, LA dance labels Fade to Mind and Body High, Night Slugs, Stlkrfxxx, Nico Jarr, Blawan, Supreme Cuts, Adana Twins, Eats Everything, Baauer.

QM: 3 albums you can’t live without?
AR: Illmatic, Aja, and Hendrix Live at Woodstock.

QM: I’ve always thought of you as a pretty even blend of electronic and rock/blues.  As you start DJing more, and with the rise in popularity of electronic music, do you see the band moving in a more electronic direction?
AR: We’ll do an all electronic album at some point.  We’ll probably do an all acoustic album too.  We’re just gonna do whatever we want.  But yes, some electronic stuff is coming.

QM: Tell us about your residency coming up.  What can fans expect?
AR: MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY!  The famous nightclub, The Echo of Echo echo Park park park  park.. We’ll be hosting hosting hosting… LA finest lineup of electronic and blues rock rock rock.
We are very excited about it all.  5 Mondays all free entry.  Each night with a different lineup of bands and electronic artists.  Each night with an installation by a different visual artist.  Check out the Facebook event – the lineup is fucking stacked, and we couldn’t be more humbled and hyped with who we have coming out to get involved.

QM: How did you go about curating each night?
AR: Our taste is very  diverse, so we wanted to reflect that with this residency.  We love everything from blues rock, punk, rap, ballroom, deep bass, TRAP… the list can go on for days.  When we started to plan everything we wanted to try and have each Monday focus on a type of genre, or a few types that we think would compliment each other.  We booked bands accordingly and plan on tweaking our own material a little to try to match the vibe of each night.

QM: Will we be hearing any new material?
AR: Yes, we’ve been working on some new things that will certainly pop in a couple of the sets.  We’re currently in the writing process for our next EP, so we’re eager to try some of those out at the residency.

QM: Can you tell us a little more about that new EP?
AR: We are recording another EP throughout July and August. We are aiming for 5-6 songs with another batch of remixes. We are looking forward to it all… it’s gonna be an eclectic group of sounds.

QM: America’s birthday is right around the corner.  As true American Royalty, how will you be celebrating?
AR: We’re getting out of here and going down to Tijuana!!!

Don’t miss American Royalty at The Echo every Monday in July!

  • 07/02 Echo, Los Angeles CA w/ Blackfeet Braves, Tropical Popsicle, The Orwells
  • 07/09 Echo, Los Angeles CA w/ Surprise Guest, Beat Club, Teenage Sweater, Guns In The Sun DJs
  • 07/16 Echo, Los Angeles CA w/ Floyd Campbell, Zak-matic, Ahh G, Strange Love (rapper), Good Kids
  • 07/23 Echo, Los Angeles CA w/ New Division, Writer, Calvin Love
  • 07/30 Echo, Los Angeles CA w/ Jesse Woods, The Franks, Miracals, Hit City USA DJs

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