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Dirty Projectors – “Dance For You”

I’m not sure why certain albums click when they click. Dirty Projectors’ 2009 release Bitte Orca was one of those albums for me. I knew “Stillness Is The Move,” and I knew it was “good,” but for some reason it was a bit too sprightly to focus my attention. But somehow, song by song, friend by friend, that album crept into my life to the point that I found myself nodding in agreement that life under the sun is a crazy, crazy dream — the delicate, time-stopping beauty in “Two Doves,” the arrogant funk of “No Intention,” and the bright, dawning realizations that fill “Temecula Sunrise” pieced together an album whose complexities, once pointed, always feel like a reviving walk around town to remind you why we do all the things we do, sun perfectly in place.

So when their first single off their new album was released, I was not dissatisfied but maybe a little resigned to the fact that maybe this album would be more spiteful in sound and a bit darker in content. Then came the second single, “Dance For You,” opened by bright guitar riffs and a steady clap that segue into Dave Longstreth’s searching, taffy vocals that can’t help but bring that goofy smile back to my face. There’s something wondrous about their music, that walks in circles, talks in circles, but moves you to right where you need to be. It basks in the delight of every day (“I boogie down Gargoyle Street“) while remaining curious and hopeful through all its interactions, looking for the answers everywhere, in everything; always observing, never done. A nice way to start off your Friday morning.

Their album Swing Lo Magellan is out July 10.

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