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Tribute to Adam Yauch, MCA of The Beastie Boys

R.I.P. Adam Yauch aka MCA of The Beastie Boys

If you don’t connect with the Beastie Boy’s albums, you fall under one of two categories: 1. You are one of those people who proclaims loudly that you are in search of “high art,” while secretly you crank the volume when “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” comes on the radio. 2. You have no sense of rhythm whatsoever and words such as “inappropriate” escape your mouth on a regular basis.

The Beastie’s music doesn’t need to sacrifice fun to make art and doesn’t need to sacrifice art to make fun. Now that this seemingly lighthearted, simple notion comes from a band that has lost one of its members to cancer, maybe a plea to just enjoy things seems a bit more artistically viable to doubters. The greatest testament to this was the determination of MCA to record 16 consummate party tracks with the Beasties for Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, while undergoing treatment for cancer in one of his salivary glands.

Put simply, MCA was a hell of a bassist, lyricist, performer, and all around awesome dude. His expert rhymes put to the sickest beats ever were undeniably accessible and illustrated a man at the top of his artistic game. Funny enough, his ultimate statement seemed to show an indifference to these sorts of declarations: the recognition of something as art is merely an afterthought to its enjoyment.

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