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The Dig – “I Already Forgot Everything You Said”

We’ve all had those nights. The ones where you happen upon a kindred spirit at the bar or house party or cousin’s bar mitzvah and sneak away, talking until the sun rises, sharing your deepest thoughts and coming to profound realizations about yourself and your life with a person you barely knew half a day before. They seem beautiful and powerful when they occur, and may even culminate with a kiss or more, but as the dew descends and the twinkles subside, what lingers most is the sour film of un-brushed teeth and the ornery throb of your hungover brain.

In the best cases, your new friend catches a plane or hits the road—gifting you with “what-could-have-been” fantasies to fuel future bouts of romantic self-indulgence. In others, you might have to see this person again, and learn how to reconcile the reality of your relationship with that night’s dizzying high of self-disclosure.

The latter, it seems, is the card dealt to New York band The Dig in their song “I Already Forgot Everything You Said.” Spurred by a snub from his former night partner, the song’s protagonist (vocalist Emile Mosseri) details the powerful insights that he helped her reach while emphasizing the lack of significance her words held for him: “When you think of all the things that I said to you, they wouldn’t cut to the bone if they weren’t true/ But I already forgot everything you said.

Set to a lackadaisical 1950s beat with irony-soaked ‘oohs’ echoing from the background, the song is calculated in its indifference. Though it sounds sweet enough on the surface, it leaves its listeners with an aftertaste of passive-aggressive bitterness along the lines of “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright.” This biting tone crystalizes towards the end of the song, when the hero’s lady friend returns to him after her preferred companion “changed his mind.” This time, Mosseri’s character snubs her, and the path of rejection comes full circle.

While the connections established on magical nights may only last a few hours, a catchy single of comeuppance endures forever. Find “I Already Forgot Everything You Said” on The Dig’s sophomore album Midnight Flowers, out next week, and be sure to check out their residency at the Silverlake Lounge starting on July 4 — because what’s more American than a bit of retribution?

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